Ghanian SPE lecturer at USTU

From 31st March till 1st April, 2017 USTU was visited by the chief editor of  «SPE TIMES», Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I. M. Gubkin, SPE lecturer, senior member of the organizing committee of the world oil youth council and a young specialist at Lukoil International (Ghana) Riverson Oppong. His main aim of the visit was to have a training and lecture program. The lecture took place in the big physics auditorium at 12 pm whiles the training program was in the small conference hall at the business incubator at 5 pm.

Riverson Oppong read a lecture on the topic «Arctic in global perspective – resources». The lecture was held in English and was translated into Russian by George Buslaev, the head of the drilling department of Ukhta State Technical University. The topic of the lecture was very large and was a major step for USTU to the Arctic, because of its activeness in the working group "Development of Education and Science" in the State Commission for the Development of the Arctic. This region has a huge resource potential and undisguised interest for countries around the world.

Riverson also held a «Soft skills» training on writing a good article for scientific conferences, presenting technical papers under conferences and also networking at conferences. The training was very interactive and practical. He gave some of the students the opportunity to practice how to make presentation and also made mention of some very important keys to note in making scientific presentations under conferences.

Apart from his training and lecture program USTU guest could have a short excursions at the USTU museum, sports complex “Burevestnik”, training ground. Also, he took a look at personalized class rooms and laboratories of the USTU main building and the business incubator.

This is not the first time such programs have been held here in USTU, but are held about 3-4 times in every academic year from specialists all over the world and more of such programs are hoped to be held in the university.