At first in the history of Komi Republic Ukhta presented the professional women's hockey team

The women's hockey team "Arctic University" was presented at Ukhta Ice Palace on September 3.

New hockey club is based on the Ukhta State Technical University on the initiative of the Rector Nikolai Denisovich Tskhadaya and the chairman of the board of directors of the company "Arcticmorgeo" Sergei Ilyich Yegorov. Ukhta is the ancestor of women's hockey in Komi. It was here that in 2004 there was the first amateur team, created by legendary Ukhta coach Nikolai Tyankovich Lyu. Several athletes were invited to the team of the new professional club.

A truly international team is formed in "Arctic University". It includes hockey players from Tatarstan, Udmurtia, Podolsk, Pervouralsk, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Odintsovo, and Volga. Among them are young stars. For example, Mary Shepelinskaya, a first year student of USTU, joined the youth team of Russia. To train a new team Sergey Stolbunov was invited, he is the top scorer in the history of Kazan hockey, Master of Sports, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Tatarstan. The main task of the club this season is to successfully play at the Russian Championships 2012-2013. Baptism of fire of Ukhta Team "Arctic University" will be held in Dmitrov near Moscow in September 12. Young hockey players will compete with "Tornado" - the reigning champion of Russia. Ukhta fans will able to see the game on home ice in October 13.

In order to maintain a young team on the eve of the championship and to make it public, some famous players came to Ukhta: the legendary Canadian scorer Phil Anthony Esposito, two-time Olympic champion, nine-time world champion Vladimir Vladimirovich Petrov, Olympic champion and multiple world and European champion Vladimir Semenovich Mishkin; the medalist of Olympic games Andrey Vasilevich Nikolishin, the world champion Alexander Nikolaevich  Zhdan; the medalist of the world championship Vladimir Viktorovich Tsyplakov, the vice president of the Russian Hockey Federation Igor Nikolaevich Tuzik.

In the presentation of the club the Deputy Head of the Republic of Komi Konstantin Yurevich Romadanov, the deputy chairman of the State Council of the Komi Republic Igor Viktorovich Leonov, the head of municipal urban district "Ukhta" Roman Vladimirovich Melnik; a well-known journalist, writer, screenwriter Vsevolod Vladimirovich Kukushkin; the Chairman of the Board of Directors' Arcticmorgeo ", the president of the hockey club "Arctic University" Sergei Ilyich Egorov, the rector of the Ukhta state Technical University Nikolai Denisovich Tskhadaya participated.

In the congratulation of KY Romadanov were the words of gratitude to S.I. Egorov and N.D. Tskhadaya for the initiative of establishing the first republic female hockey team. I.V. Leonov wished to the brave girl to represent Russia at the forthcoming Championships North pearl successfully, must shine even brighter due to them. The team was congratulated by R.V. Melnik, I.N. Tuzik, and V.V. Petrov. N.D. Tskhadaya stressed that it is great honor for Ukhta residents to host the stars of world sport, and then he recalled the role of Nicholas Tyankovich Lyu Ukhta in the development of women's hockey and wished success the girls who would lead them to the Russian team. S.I. Egorov asked the audience who, during a presentation full filled the stands palace, to actively support the team "Arctic University" during the matches in Ukhta.

Many of the guests of the holiday remembered the opening of the Ice Palace in 30 March - the event that paved the way to Ukhta outstanding hockey players; talked about Sergei Kapustin who is the hockey stars of the first magnitude, the famous Ukhta resident, whose name was given to the Ice Palace. Phil Esposito also talked about the brilliant craftsmanship of Sergei Kapustin. "I am glad that I came to Ukhta, in Russia, and I'm going to learn Russian," - said the great Canadian and gladly tried on felt boots, which were presented by the USTU rector.

A spectacular show at the ice arena was extended with the film about the team "Arctic University", the performances of creative groups of Ukhta and USTU and women's team friendly match with youthful "Berkut", ended with the victory of the girls with the score 7-6

Legendary hockey players who came to the presentation of women's hockey team took part in other events of this eventful day. So, in USTU conference room was the meeting of the Board of the hockey club "Arctic University", and then in the congress hall of the university, designed for four seats, was the presentation of the book of journalist Michael Evgenevich Smirnov "Striker. The conversations about Petrov. "The book is dedicated to the famous center forward of the USSR team in ice hockey, Vladimir Vladimirovich Petrov and published to his 65th anniversary. And coming into the Ice Palace, the guests visited the secondary school № 2 and laid flowers at the memorial plaques mounted on the school in honor of its graduates - Sergei Kapustin and Gennady Liashenko, who was tragically killed during the counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya.