"Innovation must exist" or closing ceremony of the forum "Innovation: Krokhal 2012"

Last Sunday on Ukhta training geodetic base "Krokhal" were the last lectures and seminars, and summed up the national youth educational forum, which was held from 13 to 16 September.

Bright flash in a rainy autumn day were four innovative days for young, energetic and ambitious participants of the forum, gathered in order to increase their creative and scientific potential, deep their knowledge in a professional field and to present to the community of entrepreneurs their own projects.

The forum brought together over 180 participants from all over Komi Republic: from Ukhta, Syktyvkar, Inta, Vorkuta, Pechora, Sosnogorsk, Usinsk Vuktyl and Izhma district, as a whole at the university recreation center were more than 250 people: participants, organizers, experts , journalists and volunteers. Members lived in a tent camp on the tourist base of USTU "Krokhal" and sanatorium institution "Planet of the University."

The organizers of the second forum were Information Administration of the Head of Komi Republic and the Government of Komi Republic, the Ministry of Education of Komi Republic, Ukhta State Technical University and the administration of MDUD "Ukhta". The main themes of the forum were four educational areas: «IT-Drome - innovation on the Internet," "You are the entrepreneur", "TSG (territorial self-government) - training for the territorial development", "Youth subcultures: the intellectual and musical direction."

To support young people and their initiatives were invited the speakers and expert practitioners - professionals in their fields. Among them there were the Deputy Head of the KR K.Y. Romadanov, V.A. Tukmakov, V.V. Stakhanov; the president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems L.G. Ivashov, the deputy of the State Duma of RF E.A. Samoilov; a member of the Public Chamber M. N. Mishchenko, the head of MDUD "Ukhta" R.V. Melnik, the Deputy Minister of Education of KR D.A. Belyaev, the deputy of the State Council of KR S.V. Arteev; the director of the Institute for youth Entrepreneurship (MIRBIS) E.I. Pereverzeva; the director of the Institute of social and humanitarian initiatives G.V. Tyurin; the vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems K.N. Sokolov, a regional director of the Komi branch of "Rostelecom" A.S. Hutsiev; the chief editor of "Logos" O.V. Nikiforov, master trainer of intellectual games A.E. Baryshnikov, the General Director of "Ybitsaprodakshn" A.N. Manyuk and others.

The forum was also visited by the famous media persons and creators: Alex Manuilov – the Capital DJ of the station "Europe plus", Julia Shilova – the program director of radio station "Europe plus Komi", Yefim Zavalny - the author of the musical projects, Anatoly Frolov - DJ (Syktyvkar).

Apart from the traditional lecture format, participants were offered the so-called "Meetings without ties" – the dialogues of famous politicians, entrepreneurs with an audience online, audio and media games; in one of the areas was a dramatization of "Ukhta is the motherland of the first Russian oil", where the conditions under which in 1746 were produced the first 40 pounds of Ukhta oil were demonstrated. On the last day of a meeting there was a teleconference with the Head of Komi Republic V. M. Gaiser, where young innovators were able to ask questions and get answers online.

According to the vice rector of Ukhta State Technical University D.N. Bezgodov, the forum "Innovation: Krokhal 2012" will stimulate new projects Komi Republic. Thus, in the course of meetings and round-table discussions appeared the idea to create on the base of "Krokhal" the park of the Republic, where will be the best from all cities and regions of Komi Republic, similar to the Russian park at Domodedovo.

Despite the really strong intellectual component of the forum, the participants found the time for non-standard entertainments: in addition to traditional sports forum users tried themselves in freezelight (light painting technique), the LASER (laser fighting), fencing, archery, battle with swords, ride on horseback. On the territory of the gathering there was the bike rental and film club for everyone.

The forum ended with a concert of music metropolitan teams - the indie-pop band «Pompeya» and the artist of the lyrical songs Bah Tee (Bakhtiyar Aliyeva).

Speaking at the conclusion of the second "Innovation", the Rector of USTU N.D. Tskhadaya reiterated the idea of ​​the forum: "The youth, education and innovation - that is indissoluble triad, which should be the foundation of our success and the success of Russia."

The forum organizers are sincerely grateful for the help in its implementation OJSC "Rostelecom", LLC "Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta", JSC "Mondi SLPK", JSC "Usinskgeoneft."