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Campus Day

On September 28, Ukhta State Technical University celebrated the "Campus Day", which was attended by students of 13 dorms of the university complex.

On Saturday morning, members of the fraternity planted trees and beautified the area near the student dormitories.

At 9 am, the students lined up at the solemn meeting near the sports complex "Burevestnik", where the USTU vice-rectors Yaroslav Tsunevsky, Dmitry Bezgodov and Andrei Dozmorov congratulated them with the holiday and wished good luck to work for the benefit of the home university. After that, the work at the campus started. Students cleaned fallen leaves, dug flower beds, and brought ground.

At midday, celebration was continued with the relay "Veselye Starty". The competition was attended by 13 teams of the dormitories and a team of sponsored boarding school. The best USTU creative teams entertained spectators during the breaks between the competitions.

The winner of the relay was the number 6 dorm team, the second place went to the number 5 dorm team, and the third place was given to number 4 dorm. All participants received certificates, delicious cakes, USB drivers, where caring superintendent-ladies got bouquets of flowers.

Campus Day was also held at Mining and Oil College. Students also engaged in tree planting and landscaping the area near the institution.