USTU was visited by representatives of Wintershall Holding Gmbh and Siemens companies

Ukhta University was visited by the representatives of Wintershall Holding GmbH Company (Germany), Eric Lessner, and Aaron Behr as well as by the representative of Siemens Company, Andreas Koch. The main purpose of the visit was to discuss issues related to the test of the technology proposed by foreigners in Yarega field.

In USTU conference hall, took place the first meeting of representatives of German companies with USTU Rector, Professor Nikolai Tskhadaya, employees of "Innovation and education center of heavy oil and bitumen fields’ development". Guests shared their ideas on the formation of electromagnetic heating in the mine and surface production of heavy oil.

After the presentation USTU staff conducted a tour of named university auditoriums and laboratories for German guests, as well they acquainted them with the exhibits and presentation materials of USTU Museum of History.

The German delegation will spend three days in Ukhta, during which foreigners will be demonstrated the basic technical and technological features of the development of unique Yarega field. During the visit, the parties will discuss prospects for the development of international cooperation in this area.