“Northern Oil Trunk Pipelines” requires graduates of blue-collar professions

At Ukhta State Technical University took place a meeting, which was attended by the representatives of "Northern Oil Trunk Pipelines", administration of the university, institutes, faculties, colleges, Industrial College. The agenda of the meeting was the training of university complex students in blue-collar professions prioritized by JSC "AK "Transneft" directions.

Representatives of "SMN" made ​​a proposal to train and assign graduate students qualifying grades (USTU students not lower than the forth qualifying grade, college students not lower than the third grade) in the following professions:

pipeliner, swinger;
repairman of processing plants;
electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment;
locksmith on instrumentation and automation;
wastewater treatment operator;
freight operator;
car repairman;
road- building machines and tractors repairman.

Grade choice is due to requirements when working on the fire-dangerous production.

According to the head of the personnel department of "SMN", Natalia Nemchikova, now there is necessity to fill vacancies with blue-collar specialties. Natalia Vladimirovna said that this does not mean that the graduate will work as blue collar worker for a long time. During the year, guys are to see how they work at the pipeline, at the NPC to learn the workflow from within, to turn out a certain level of skills. After becoming an engineer, this experience will allow them to establish a competent and efficient operation. The main problem lies in the recruitment of staff to the five-day work week and not for rotating scheme.

During the meeting it was decided to work out a program of training specialists in the necessary direction and to discuss in detail the further actions of the parties at the next meeting.