Motivating Over a Cup of Tea

On Friday, December 27, International Department of Ukhta State Technical University invited everyone to the pre-Christmas cup of tea.

Informal communication was helpful for students, planning their studying abroad.

Victoria Litvinenko, who was responsible for information support of the International Department activity, introduced guests to Agafonova Olga and Skvortsov Anton, USTUgraduates. For both students study abroad is quite possible now. Olga is a graduate student at the University of Tromsø (Norway), and Anton had an internship at the Royal Holloway University (UK).

Olga Agafonova has set a course for Norway, while she was a student. After a year of distance learning at the University of Finnmark, she became the owner of the prestigious scholarships «North2North». The girl has finished Baccalaureate (Geological Exploration Faculty) and Master Course (Oil and Gas Faculty), at UGTU. Besides domestic diplomas, Agafonova has Bachelor of Northern Studies (BNS) diploma. "Within the framework of this Norwegian educational program, we were taught to address and resolve the complex issues of the northern region. We studied the culture, economy, environment and natural resources, history and politics of the Barents region", Olga said.

Nearly all foreign educational programs impose two main requirements to Applicants, they are: good academic progress and knowledge of foreign language. Agafonova’s "records", including BNS diploma and knowledge of English, German and Serbo-Croatian languages, provided free education for master at the University of Tromsø.

Responding to questions from interested listeners, Olga shared her impressions about the northernmost university in the world; she spoke about the life of the Norwegian campus. Calling use the opportunities to study abroad, she warned: "The main thing is not to get overwhelmed by the variety and to be ready to completely different way of life and learning".

Anton Skvortsov graduated from USTU in 2010 and found a job as a geologist in the TME "LUKOIL - Usinskneftegaz". Last year, Anton took part in the traditional contest for the best scientific and technical development of young workers and professionals of LLC "LUKOIL- Komi". Proposing to apply the technology of gas-dynamic fracturing for producing formations completion of Middle Devonian deposits of Usinsk field, Skvortsov won an internship at the Royal Holloway University (UK). Summer Internship at England was part of a one-year study at the Institute of additional education at Tyumen State Oil and Gas University. Anton is sure that foreign training is necessary for those, who are full of energy and wants to meet the requirements of the time. Improving skills in Tyumen and undertaking geological internship at the prestigious UK University, a young professional Skvortsov started his career: he was transferred to work in the central office of the oil company. "You need not only to dream, but to be ready for studying abroad. You should start it with learning foreign language, it is the main condition", Anton summed up.

Anton Grigorev, the Head of International Department of USTU summed up informal communication:

Studying and interning abroad are not only new bright impressions, overcoming of certain difficulties, but most importantly, an invaluable experience. I advise everyone to learn English, watch for announcements of our department, and not to miss the opportunity to study abroad. Education, you get at USTU, allows students to feel quite comfortable at foreign universities.