January Dance Intensity

On January 3-8 on the basis of Ukhta State Technical University open Republican athletic dance rally «New Dance Generation Winter Camp» took place.

During the Christmas holidays not only schools, but many institutions for complementary education take a timeout. Athletic dance team (ADT) "Duet USTU" head Galina Zaborschikova considers it is faulty. "While grown-ups are having feasts or sleep, the kids are left to themselves", - Galina Valentinovna draws a familiar picture of the beginning of the year. - The children need active rest, they will quickly get tired of doing nothing, rather than from the exercise."

The USTU rector Nikolai Tskhadaya supported the idea of Zaborschikova to combine business with pleasure and hold republican dance rally. Attending the Russian students ball and the other traditional dance competitions, Nikolai Denisovich will certainly admire the activity taking place on the floor, being aware at the same time that every movement creating an impression of lightness involves hard work of the dancers and their instructors.

Appearing a chief organizer of the winter republican athletic dance rally, Ukhta University provided the opportunity for 60 people aged from six to 36 to plunge into the atmosphere of art of dancing. The dancers and the teachers from Ukhta, Inta, Syktyvkar and Moscow rallied for the winter holidays period.

Five days were saturated with the lessons on the dance floor, teachers trainings, master classes of Moscow choreographers; Vitaliy Denisov, Natalia Pazyna (standard), Yuriy Simachev (latina) shared their experiences. Every day, from eight o'clock in the morning till ten o'clock at night, the dancers worked hard to improve themselves and their bodies. Dance intensity finished with Christmas masquerade that gathered about two hundred people.

Leaving Ukhta, guests thanked for the cordial welcome and excellent organization of the rally. The hosts were grateful to the participants for the energy, effort and lots of positive. The five-day dance marathon helped to make sure once more that the dance is not only the result but the process of self-creation. Ability to rise above the floor and at the same time overcome one's complexes, laziness, learn to control the body - that is something of real value.

Сhanged: 27 June, 2017 - 15:05