New Year’s Tradition

So many people, so many traditions... Someone gets rid of old things on New Year, and someone goes to the bath, as it was done by the main character in the famous film. As for senior students from Vuktyl, on the New Year, they come to our university with a two-day excursion fourth consecutive time.

On the first day, the children visited the campus, academic buildings, as well as the sports complex "Burevestnik". Meeting with the professor of Physical Education Department, Davidov D.V, aroused pupils’ attention to sport. Pupils wanted to know about muscles, about exercises that develop certain muscle groups, and also they wanted to begin their training at the gym.

When introducing the learning areas at the Institute of Economics and Management, Director of the Institute, Petrov M.K. explained the importance of self- personality traits (sociability, dedication, leadership) that will help successfully promote themselves not only in society but also in their careers. Senior pupils were shown how to conduct installation of news programs on television studio.

Having been at the Department of Information Technology, eleventh-graders were able to ask the Head of Information Systems in Economics Laboratory, Rochev K.V. questions.

Genuine interest was aroused by educational exhibits of geological museum, which were presented by M.I.  Fomin, the Head of the Museum. He also told about the history and development of the Timan- Pechora field.

The second day was devoted to the visiting of USTU buildings, located on Pervomayskaya Street.

Pupils visited specialized named auditorium of Electrification and Automation of Technological Processes Department, which was presented by the head of Laboratory Zhelezov A.S.

Representatives of the Oil and Gas Institute showed refining station work on the functional simulator NPS "Ukhta- 1", told about the structure of the tank with a floating roof, presented the layout of a gas lift installation, designed for oil and gas production with gas lift method.

The Head of Petro Physics Laboratory, Pecherin V.N., demonstrated operation of the equipment on the physical properties of rocks. Associate Professor of Geophysical methods, GIS Technologies and Systems Department, V.D. Parshin, attracted pupils to receive the profession of geologist with his extraordinary approach to the study of physical phenomena. Overview of named auditoriums was held by the Head of Geophysical methods, GIS technologies and systems Department, Veltistova O.M.

Pupils liked the models, which were made by the students of "Construction" direction. Senior Lecturer of Industrial and Civil Construction Department, Mayorova N.S., held laboratory work with building materials for the senior students.

The Head of International Relations Department spoke about opportunities for studying abroad, further education, and language training.

Guided Tours of the USTU History Museum, Borisova I.K. showed exhibits and told about the history of oil production in Ukhta.

Specialists of the Center for Career-Oriented work acquainted children with the features of training at university, specialties, entering conditions, and answered all their questions. Their speech was accompanied by a slide show. Deputy Dean of Preparatory Faculty, Gibezh S.V., told about training courses, the need for additional training for the exam.

Pupils took not only knowledge and experience away to Vuktyl, but also they got some gifts from the Ukhta State Technical University.