Outflank a Rival

On February 11-12, women Hockey Club "Arctic University" scored winning goals the Yekaterinburg Club "Spartak -Mercury".

Recall now Julia Leskina, goalkeeper of Yekaterinburg Club "Spartak- Mercury", is taking part in the Olympics as part of the Russian hockey team. The outcome of the first meeting in Ukhta was the victory of our hockey players 5-3.

According to Head Coach of "Arctic University", Sergei Stolbun, the game was difficult, but Ukhta players shod perfect game, wining the rivals. However, during the first game there was tense moment, when "Spartak" had an opportunity to score three goals. The reason was in the fact that our girls have not played for a long time, and one month break (because of the Olympics) knocked the game tone.

"Spartak- Mercury" team consists of experienced ice hockey players. The fact that they are the end of the standings, motivate the team more. Struck beast is doubly dangerous, they compete for every point. The game showed that the opponent cannot be underestimated, and as a result, there were three missed goals in the gate!

Recall 11 women's teams participate in all Russian Championship. Not so long ago, there were only five teams in our country. "Arctic University" is in ninth place of championship standings.