XV Conference "Severgeoecotech - 2014" Began Its Work at USTU

On March 26, 2014, at Ukhta State Technical University, took place the opening ceremony of XV International Youth Conference "Severgeoecotech - 2014", dedicated to issues of social and economic development of the northern territories of Russia.

This year's conference was attended by students, graduate students and young scientists of higher education institutions, research and design institutes, industrial enterprises from 27 cities of Russia and CIS countries: Almetyevsk, Archangelsk, Baku, Volgograd, Vorkuta, Voronezh, Donetsk, Yoshkar - Ola, Kaluga, Kemerovo, Kyzylorda, Lyubertsy, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Oktyabrsk, Orenburg, Perm, Petrozavodsk, Rostov-on- Don, St. Petersburg, Sterlitimak, Syktyvkar, Tyumen, Usinsk, Ufa, Ukhta and Shymkent. In total there were 545 scientific papers applied for participation in the event.

Honorary guests of the forum included the First Deputy of Komi Republic Minister of Education, Dmitry Anatolevich Belyaev; Deputy Chief of the Municipal Urban District "Ukhta", Viktor Nikolaevich Telnov; the Head of the Coal Mining Industry of Minister of Industrial Development and Transport of Komi Republic, Mikhail Marksovich Shekhter; Deputy General Director of JSC "SMN", Mikhail Vasilevich Nazarenko; the Head of JSC "Northern Trunk Pipelines" Technical Department, Vladimir Timofeevich Fyodorov; the Head of Gas Sales Department, LLC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Ukhta", Sergey Mikhailovich Brezhnev; and the First Category Engineer, LLC "Research Institute Gazekonomika", Nikolai Borisovich Tsybikov.

The Chairman of Organizing Committee, USTU Rector N.D. Tskhadaya, welcomed the participants at the opening of the conference: “In recent years, much has been done to modernize our country. The implementation results of the national project "Education” can already be seen. We have acquired a well deserved pride for restoration of our army’s strength. However, we realize that a lot more is still to be done, and the main burden of facing new challenges will fall on our younger generation - on your shoulders, dear young colleagues. To solve these new challenges, new knowledge, new technology, and new or rather innovative approaches are required”.

Conference participants were also welcomed by the First Deputy Minister of Education of Komi Republic, D.A. Belyaev, and Deputy Chief of "Ukhta" Municipal District, V.N. Telnov.

Addressing the young scientist, Dmitry Anatolevich noted that the Ministry of Education traditionally supports activities aimed at increasing a young people interest in science. He also drew attention to the fact that Ministry of Education together with the University implements a number of projects in Ukhta. On behalf of the Minister of Education, Sharkov D.A., Vladimir Belyaev gave a welcoming message to USTU Rector as the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the conference.

Telnov V.N. emphasized the importance of the conference: “Each conference moves students and professionals closer to becoming professionals in their field. Russia relied and will continue to rely on these professionals, future elite”.

The Rector of Donetsk National Technical University, Alexander Anatolevich Minaev, and President of the Russian Gas Society, Pavel Nikolayevich Zavalnoi, also greeted the participants and guests of the youth conference.

The conference continued with plenary presentations. Presentations were made by V.O. Nekuchaev (“Study of rheological properties of highly viscous and high-paraffin crude oil in student research laboratory of the USTU Physics Department”), D.A. Boreiko (“On the possibilities of Ukhta State Technical University 3D Prototyping and Modeling Laboratory”), and I. D. Kibort (“USTU Saving a Laboratory”).

Сhanged: 27 June, 2017 - 15:05