It’s Time to Be Kinder

On March 31 a solemn opening of "Volunteer Week" was held at USTU. Such event is being held for the first time and is aimed at attracting attention of students to volunteer movements.

On the last day of March the warmest and kindest week - Volunteer Week started in Ukhta University. The opening was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere, as each of the heads of volunteer associations talked passionately about the activities of his/her areas.

There are eight volunteer associations in USTU today, but not all students are aware of this. Therefore, that day the monitors and active young people who are willing to get acquainted with the work of volunteers were invited in the physical hall.

In the beginning, the gathering was showed a video about USTU volunteers. Vice-Rector on educational work and social issues delivered his welcoming remarks. And then the leaders of volunteer associations of the university were invited to take the floor to present their movement and speak about their activities. Speakers addressed topical issues about people with disabilities, accessible environment, the problems of large families, orphans and their social adaptation, veterans and the lack of simple human attention to our elderly, as well as about people who just need care and help. And Dmitry Nikolayevich Bezgodov touched upon one of the most acute problems of today - the problem of social laziness.

Participants’ performances were different, but a common thread was the one important idea that it is not difficult to be a volunteer, the most important is to wish, and the result will come quickly. It's so nice to see and know that you can give a smile and hope to someone who really needs it.

Also, on the first day of the volunteer week a photo exhibition opened, which was a kind of report on the work done by volunteers. Happy faces of children, smiling veterans and manly guys who can protect their homeland are looking at us from the stands. Another pleasant surprise was that the organizers invited all those present to release into the sky red balloons symbolizing kindness, concern, sincerity and love for neighbor. First, the students lined up in the shape of a heart, and then simultaneously released balloons making a wish that everyone will be healthy and happy. Symbols of grant assistance, flying away into the blue sky, marked the beginning of a series of events, encouraging us to be kinder and more sympathetic.