The School of tutors of international students has finished

Yesterday, on 22nd June, 2016, in the cozy atmosphere there was the closing of the School of tutors of international students organized by the international department, which culminated with the handing of certificates of successful completion of the course and performing practical tasks.

Unfortunately, not all of the new tutors (there are six of them) were able to attend the final meeting, which took place in the office of Vice-Rector for external affairs G. V. Korshunov, who personally handed the certificates. Also at the meeting there were direct organizers of the School of tutors - representatives of the international department.

Recall that the School of tutors, first opened on 22nd March, 2016, is aimed at training assistants of international department, whose function is to help international students arriving from far-abroad countries to USTU to delve into new environment.

The tutors will start performing their direct duties as early as mid-August when a new group of international students arrives at the town of Ukhta. And in the period from mid-August to the end of September our tutors are going to do the main burden of work with international students. But it is not the end of their work, they will continue assisting international students throughout the academic year.