USTU takes part in the first Congress of UArctic

On 12th September, 2016 the first in the history Congress of University of the Arctic (UArctic) started its work at St. Petersburg State University. USTU was represented by the head of the International Department Anton Grigoriev.

The Congress of UArctic could become the largest scientific and educational event in the field of Arctic research. For the first time the event will bring together leading scientists of the world and young researchers whose scientific work concerns many different aspects of Arctic development. It is planned that about 500 people take part in the congress.

The five-day-congress includes such events as the Rector’s Forum of UArctic – 2016, 19th Annual Meeting of the Board of University of the Arctic, conference sessions and many others. In the future, the Congress will be scheduled every four years.

At the official opening the President of the International Association of UArctic Lars Kullerud noted that joint efforts will show scientists a new approach to the study of the Arctic region. "We are creating a new science of the North, and this is the essence of our cooperation, - he said. - We create a new North, and this Congress is a historic event".

Today the Arctic is a region, which is under the spotlight of scientists, politicians and public figures all over the world. First of all, this is a real resources pantry. At the same time the Arctic is one of the most fragile ecosystems on the planet and requires a very careful attitude to itself.

The development of Arctic resources, taking into account the geopolitical interests of different countries, the needs of the local population and environmental safety issues will be ones of the topics of the Congress of UArctic.

Ukhta University is actively engaged in the development of cooperation in the Arctic direction, including cooperation with the interregional public organization “Association of polar explorers”, participates in the work of the State Commission on the Development of the Arctic, has researches in Arctic topics, implements the Federal Information Portal “News of the Arctic World” ( and other directions.

Reference: UArctic is an international network, which brings together more than 180 higher education institutions and research organizations from 16 countries for cooperation in the field of research and education for sustainable development in the northern regions and the full support of their peoples. The cooperation in the field of education and science of UArctic increases human potential in the North, contributing to the formation of strong communities and sustainable economic development of the region. Ukhta State Technical University has been a part of UArctic since 2005 and participates in several joint projects and thematic networks.