New international students at USTU

According to results of the admission campaign over 120 new international students from 28 countries of near and far abroad will study at the University this academic year. Thus, the total number of international students this year is more than 450 people.

Still leadership is reserved for students from Kazakhstan and Ukraine. It is worth mentioning that the number of international students who came from far abroad countries and are going to study at the Bachelor and Master programs has increased this year. The vast majority are citizens of Nigeria, Serbia and Angola.

In late September, the first group of the preparatory department at the international department will begin working. Despite the fact that not all students have come to Ukhta yet, we can confidently say that two groups of international students will study the Russian language at USTU this year, and it is about 20 people from 7 different countries. The most part of them are citizens of Democratic Republic of the Congo. There are representatives of new countries at the University - Uganda, the Philippines, Afghanistan.

Starting from this year rules for admission have been toughened. Now if one wants to become a student of the preparatory department, a potential candidate must go through several stages of selection: selection based on the results of their past education, online interview, 50% prepayment of the course fee.

Also, the recently trained tutors of the international students make contribution to help the international department. Upon the arrival of new international students who don’t speak Russian yet, tutors meet them at the train station, provide them with invaluable assistance in town orientation, help with the solution of everyday problems.

And this is only the beginning! There are still a number of unforgettable meetings and bright events expected in the near future.

Сhanged: 23 September, 2016 - 19:54