Learn Russia through USTU

Last Sunday, on 9th October, 2016, there was an event, which belongs to the Welcome Week, annually organized by the international department. Traditionally newly arrived international students as well as staff and trainees of the international department went to the recreational center at Krokhal, where guests from all over the world could really admire beauty of the northern nature and enjoy food cooked over an open fire.

It is worth recalling that the Welcome Week is a series of events aimed at the gradual immersion of new international students into сultural, social, educational and everyday environment to be well-versed in the new conditions. Such events figuratively are called "Welcome Week", but in fact it can last for two weeks or more.

This year the list of adaptation activities included excursions at USTU museum, through classrooms and laboratories of the main building, departments of "K" building, where students have their one year Russian language course. They also could watch how university news program is recorded in the TV studio, explored the structure of the business incubator and took part in the opening of the English Club. In addition, international students cooked the first in their life Russian dish, which was eaten later. In the nearest plans they will attend some sports events and participate in them, as well as many other activities that will give the guys an opportunity to share national traditions and tell everyone about their own countries.

Сhanged: 10 October, 2016 - 19:55