The conference "Education of Foreign Citizens and Export of Educational Services" came to the end

The Second Interregional Conference "Education of Foreign Citizens and Export of Educational Services", held in Ukhta State Technical University, came to the end on 21st April.

The program of the final day of the conference was divided into two sections. Teachers of the Russian language and other educational disciplines participated in the work of the section "Actual issues of pre-university training of foreign citizens". In the reports, the most urgent problems of teaching the Russian language to foreigners and methods, which make study as effective as possible were discussed.

The work of the conference ended with the section "Training of international students in Russian educational institutions of higher and secondary vocational education ". The meeting of the section organized in the form of a round table was opened by the head of the international department A. N. Grigoriev. Greetings to the participants were also addressed by the vice-rector for external affairs G. V. Korshunov. He thanked the participants of the conference, read out a greeting from the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth Policy of the Komi Republic addressed to them and stressed the importance of discussing the problems that arise in the process of internationalization of Russian education: "The training of international students is a special mission. Export of education is carried out in the interests of our country: through the university, international students, their friends, their families learn about Russia. Attracting international students to our university helps to promote the recognition of the Komi Republic in the world space, contributes to the creation of a favorable investment climate in the region. In addition, this is one of the basic indicators of the work of the university in assessing its activities by the Ministry of Education and Science. "

The moderator of the section was L. Yu. Kulikovskaya, the director of the linguistic center of Petrozavodsk State University, a specialist with vast experience in the issues of training foreign citizens in Russia and implementing international projects in the academic and scientific environment. Participants in the meeting - representatives of the Department of Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukhta, various departments of the university, teachers, heads of institutes of USTU, guests from the Syktyvkar State University - discussed the main problems of exporting educational services as one of the key drivers of the internal development of the educational and scientific environment. They spoke about aims and methods of attracting international students; advantages of exporting educational services ; problems and challenges faced in this process by Russian education in general and specific universities; peculiarities of training of foreign citizens; provision of infrastructure services in university campuses, etc.

It's worth to mention that the conference was organized under financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.