English Club Returns: September 2017

The English language, as the third most commonly spoken language in the world, continues to dominate in business, trade and medical fields and is becoming even more widely learnt and spoken daily.

The international department of Ukhta State Technical University this year has once again provided the opportunity to enhance English skills through the English club. The English club has been a successful platform for casual, but informative grasping of the basics of the English language and its grammatical and conversational dynamics. The club was managed by Fulbright teaching assistants in the past, notably Kathryn Bascom and Victoria Pardini and the most recent of them, Scout Mills in 2016.

The English club resumed on Friday, 22nd September at 4:30pm at the international department (321/1 “A”) and continued to explore the interesting language with new learners as well as native speakers of the language in a welcoming, fun and interesting environment. Mufaro Chirinda, an international student from Zimbabwe and an intern at the international department, led the first session of the English club. Nicholas Ourusoff, an American lecturer who is part of the university staff, was invited as a special guest and he shared his knowledge about American English and exhibited how a typical American accent sounds.

The informal environment allows learning the language through music, games, films and general interaction, and all those interested in becoming more familiar with the language can make new friends or just take a break from speaking in Russian and much more at the club.

The English club will be held every Friday at 4.30 pm at the international department, and we look forward to seeing you all in the upcoming meetings.