The second group of the preparatory course begins at USTU

4th of October 2018 marked the beginning of the preparatory course for the second group of students at USTU. Just like the first group, the second group is just as diverse as it consists of students from Liberia, Senegal, Sudan and Canada. During opening ceremony, the students felt many positive emotions, met with their head teacher, Elena Volokhova, who will be their mentor and guide all through the next year and will help them to feel the depth and beauty of the Russian language.

From the first minutes of meeting with Elena, she began to acquaint her future students with the Russian language; acquaintance took place in an interactive game form. After getting acquainted, they headed to one of the university’s libraries to receive their first Russian language textbook, the students of the preparatory department went on a tour of the building "K" and visited several departments and divisions of the university.