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At first in the history of Komi Republic Ukhta presented the professional women's hockey team

The women's hockey team "Arctic University" was presented at Ukhta Ice Palace on September 3.

New hockey club is based on the Ukhta State Technical University on the initiative of the Rector Nikolai Denisovich Tskhadaya and the chairman of the board of directors of the company "Arcticmorgeo" Sergei Ilyich Yegorov. Ukhta is the ancestor of women's hockey in Komi. It was here that in 2004 there was the first amateur team, created by legendary Ukhta coach Nikolai Tyankovich Lyu. Several athletes were invited to the team of the new professional club.


The results of the Equestrian Sport

July 28-29, 2012 there was the V championship in equestrian sports (show jumping) of Ukhta State Technical University at the equestrian club "Planet of the University," in Shudayag.

This year the competition was attended by the teams: ESC "Fortune" (Sosnogorsk) ESC "Caprioli" and ESC "Planet University" (Ukhta) EC "Aurora" (Syktyvkar), the specialized youth horse-riding school (Syktyvdinsk district, Vylgort), ESC "Kavalkada" (Usinsk).