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“Northern Oil Trunk Pipelines” requires graduates of blue-collar professions

At Ukhta State Technical University took place a meeting, which was attended by the representatives of "Northern Oil Trunk Pipelines", administration of the university, institutes, faculties, colleges, Industrial College. The agenda of the meeting was the training of university complex students in blue-collar professions prioritized by JSC "AK "Transneft" directions.


A gathering dedicated to the memory of A.H. Mirzadzhanzade

On September 30, at the Congress Hall of USTU, hosted a gathering dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the famous scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Azad Halilović Mirzadzhanzade.


Campus Day

On September 28, Ukhta State Technical University celebrated the "Campus Day", which was attended by students of 13 dorms of the university complex.

On Saturday morning, members of the fraternity planted trees and beautified the area near the student dormitories.


Boot camp

On September 27, at the camp "Krokhal", more than 80 freshmen of Geological Research Faculty of USTU became protagonists of traditional sports and psychological training "Ropes Obstacle Course".

Basic skills of ropes course are skills of teamwork, raising the efficiency of interaction and emotional cohesion of freshmen. This event has its peculiarity, its intrigue and patriotism.


New «Transneft» laboratory was opened in USTU

Another named laboratory was opened in Ukhta State Technical University. On August 8, USTU hosted a delegation of OJSC "AK "Transneft"”, headed by Vice – Presidents, Boris Korol, and Pavel Revel – Muroz, who visited Ukhta higher education institution and attended the opening ceremony of the named laboratory at the Department of Metrology, as well as Standardization and certification during their visit to the North Pearl.


Doctors from all over Republic came to USTU on collegium of the Ministry of Health

On July 18, at Ukhta State Technical University took place the first day of a meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Health of Komi Republic "On measures to improve the availability and quality of health care for the rural population".

Representatives of the health care institutions of different cities of Komi Republic came to Ukhta University in order to present their reports and to share practical knowledge with colleagues in their professional field.


Largest oil companies’ experts visited Ukhta University

Last week, on Thursday, July 11, the delegation of JSC “LUKOIL” representatives visited Ukhta State Technical University. The participants represented such cities as Ukhta, Volgograd and Perm.

Oil workers came to Ukhta refinery to test for the environmental protection and safety, and at the same time visited one of the core enterprises, source of manpower, USTU. Such a visit to Ukhta University was offered by the Department of Human Resources, LLC "LUKOIL- Ukhtaneftepererabotka".


Producing oil on Krokhal!

On July 5, at Research and Geological Facility “Krokhal”, USTU, within the framework of the III National Youth Education Forum "Innovation: Krokhal 2013" there was the presentation of theatrical reenactment “Ukhta is the birthplace of the first Russian oil".


41st class graduated USTU

USTU held its graduation ceremony on June 22, at MSC "Burevestnik" where students received their diplomas.


USTU student friends meeting

More than 60 alumni and faculty gathered in the evening, in the lobby of the main hall, on June 12. Matured students, including leaders of the forestry, construction, oil and gas companies, and directors of banks were happy: they have embraced each other, furtively wiped away tears of joy, shouting out the names of their classmates.