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Jari Lahtinen: "USTU and Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland) mash well together"

For a week, USTU students had the opportunity to talk with a principal lecturer, licentiate of Technology, Naval Architecture Ship laboratory Mechanical Engineering, Technology, Environment and Business of Turku University of Applied Science (Finland), Jari Lahtinen.


The city without any problems

To solve the problems of the Russian cities, drawing on international experience is the future plan of the graduate of the Department of Architecture of USTU Arthur Kozhevin. He described his professional interests in the project "The reconstruction of the Prospect of Cosmonauts of Ukhta," which took the third place in Komi Republic review "The Architecture 2012."


In memory of the Hero of Russia, Alexander Alekseev is dedicated

September 29 for Ukhta State Technical University was the day of memory of Alexander Ivanovich Alekseev – the Colonel of the FSB in the Komi, the Hero of Russia, who was killed in the Chechen Republic. He would be 60 years on September 30, 2012.


There was the regular meeting of the Council of Rectors of Komi Republic

September 26 in Komi State Pedagogical Institute was the first in the new school year meeting of the Council of Rectors of Komi Republic.


"Innovation must exist" or closing ceremony of the forum "Innovation: Krokhal 2012"

Last Sunday on Ukhta training geodetic base "Krokhal" were the last lectures and seminars, and summed up the national youth educational forum, which was held from 13 to 16 September.

Bright flash in a rainy autumn day were four innovative days for young, energetic and ambitious participants of the forum, gathered in order to increase their creative and scientific potential, deep their knowledge in a professional field and to present to the community of entrepreneurs their own projects.


Nikolai Tskhadaya "We are undisputed leaders in student sports"

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the need for the development of sports as a base for the sport of high achievements at the meeting with the winners of the Olympic Games in London. The great attention should be given to the high school sports. The most notable example of the Republic is Ukhta State Technical University, whose members achieve great results in many sports. We’ll talk about it with the USTU rector Nikolai Tskhadaya.


Why do rectors fly?

In Knowledge Day the first year students of the Department of Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection (IS&ES) USTU came from the ship to the ball. After the traditional meeting, they took part in the opening of the nominal audience, computer room and the recreation of "RN-Severnaya Neft".

A pleasant surprise for yesterday's schoolchildren was the communicating with the CEO, philanthropist Sergey Nesterenko, the president of the Union of Cities Arctic and the Far North, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Igor Shpektor and other senior leaders.


USTU Students take part in the organization of the APEC Summit

There will be a summit of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) in Vladivostok, In September 2012. To provide the forum events in the Far East and Russian island sent eleven students of Ukhta State Technical University.

August 10, 2012 two students of student construction team, which is headed by the "Fortuna" commander Yevgeny Rybin, Korotina Elena and Lakhtionova Ksenia, has gone to prepare for the summit in Vladivostok. Elena and Ksenia will work as the maids in a hotel building campus of Far Eastern Federal University Russian Island.


“University Planet “started to prepare for the championship of Russia among the men's teams of Super League

The training will take place in three stages: 1. The collection of the team will be held from August 1 to August 19 in Ukhta in USTU. This time the team will be a compulsory medical examined;

2.  The main gathering will be held in the city of Volgograd from August 22 to September 5, 2012, the basic physical, technical, tactical training will be laid there. From August 27 to September 1, the team will take part in the annual traditional tournament of super league teams' Volgograd Summer ";


Ukhta University develops women's hockey in Russia

There was an organizational meeting with the members of the new women's hockey team "Arctic - University" on the basis of the Ukhta University In July. The meeting was attended by the rector of the University, Professor N.D.Tskhadaya, and Vice President for Economic Affairs AR Emeksuzyan, the Assistant Rector for External Relations, V. Korshunov and the sports management and the players of the new team.