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Video conference with French IFPTraining Company

On the 12th of February, at the international department of USTU, took place a video conference with a French company IFP Training, which specializes in professional training and education in oil and gas fields.

Partook in negotiations Marc Ganier, director of IFP Training development department, Loic Du Rusquec, vice president of IFP Training Development department, Korshunov G.V., vice rector of administrative and external affairs, Grigoriev A.N., head of international department, and Yakovleva A.Y., international affairs coordinator.


Study in Norway through the eyes of USTU graduate

On December USTU graduate of "Public relations" Iolanthe Petrosyan came home after a long stay in Norway (Alta), where she was invited to finish the course of the "Undergraduate Circumpolar regional studies. Peoples and Cultures of the Circumpolar World "(short - BNS program).

Undergraduate of Northern Studies is an international program that is linked in the University of the Arctic with other universities, colleges, with networks for the northern academic and research institutions.

How did you know about the program?


Rassokhin reading

On February 8-9 in Ukhta State Technical University there was the Fifth International Scientific-practical seminar "Rassokhin reading" in memory of Gennady Rassokhin - Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, rector of the Ukhta Industrial Institute from 1980 to 1997.


An exhibition of paintings of Eros Kuznetsov was opened in USTU

Amazing gift was received in Tatiana's Day by the students and staff of the University of Ukhta: on January 25, the exposition of works of the famous artist Eros Vasilyevich Kuznetsov was opened in the lobby of the main building.

All of the paintings, as well as personal diaries and archival material of the artist is the property of a private collector Boris Yegorovich Bumagin, who was friends with icon painter Yuri Kuznetsov, the son of E.V.  Kuznetsov.


There was the meeting on "Gas Segment" in USTU

 On the eve of the New Year in Ukhta University there was a meeting on the creation of a "gas segment" of innovative regional clusters of Komi Republic "Oil and gas technology".


The anniversary festival of dance arts «Dance Integration 2012" was in USTU

At the time when the world was preparing for the end of the world, the Ukhta State Technical University actively prepared for the 5th anniversary festival of dance arts «Dance Integration 2012", which took place from 21 to 23 December. In so little time, the event is rightfully acquired the status of the biggest dance events of Komi Republic.


The results of the national Youth Year were new projects and awards to USTU

On December 15-16, in Syktyvkar, there was the solemn closing of the Year of Youth in the Komi Republic. USTU representatives received a letter from the Head of RK.


Ukhta is a new point on the PR-map of Russia

On November 26-27, at the Higher School of Journalism of St. Petersburg State University there was the final event of the International competition of student communication projects "Mass Media Perspective", which was also attended by the students of USTU.


"Planet" pumps up the muscles

Few years ago, it was hard to imagine that foreign athletes will play in Komi teams. But to the beginning of the season Syktyvkar "New Generation" acquired three Portuguese players. But by the fall Ukhta basketball club "Planeta-University" was increased by two American Legionnaires that actually was a great surprise for a provincial city. Our correspondents tried to find out just how plans and ambitions Ukhta club are realistic.

The nationality is player


There is USTU study support centre in Inta

On October 5, 2012 in Inta Polytechnic College was the solemn opening of study support centre of Ukhta State Technical University.

Ukhta State Technical University is the biggest technical university in the European North of Russia and one of the leading representatives of the oil and gas university community of the country. During the years of its activity, the University has trained more than 28,000 highly skilled professionals for various industries in our region.