An exchange student from USTU in Norway

A USTU student, who is a first year student of the master program, Vladimir Zakusov, got an opportunity to take part in the academic mobility program Erasmus+ Global Mobility. With the support of the international department of USTU in autumn 2017, Vladimir sent an application for participation, and at the moment he is in the city of Bodo (Norway), where he studies at the Nord University.


No Fascism and Nationalism

On 10th February, 2018, at the secondary school №10 the event called "No Fascism and Nationalism" was held, in which students of 10th and 11th grades took part, and also international students of Ukhta State Technical University. This traditional event has been held at school for the sixth time dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of a Young Hero-Anti-Fascist.


Internship at international departments of the USA on Fulbright Program RIEA

The head of the international department of USTU Anton Grigoriev successfully passed the competition in the framework of the Fulbright Program for the International Education Administrators Program (RIEA) in autumn, 2017 and in mid-January, 2018 he started internship at the universities of the United States of America. The RIEA program offers an intensive three-month internship in the USA, which consists of several stages. In total, eight representatives of international departments of various universities of Russia have been selected this year.

Intake 2018

The intake 2018 is now open!

Just apply quickly and easily!


SPE lecturer from the USA at USTU

The Distinguished lecturer Patrick Brand (USA) visited Ukhta State Technical University from 24th to 25th January, 2018. Patrick Brand is a founding partner of Blade Energy Partners and a former drilling technology adviser at Mobil. In his 36 years of experience in oil and gas upstream, Brand has made numerous innovative and fundamental contributions to Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD), including the development of dynamic influx control and dynamic pore-pressure and fracture-pressure determination.


The USTU swimming pool is now open!

On 26th December, 2017 one of the most significant events - opening of the USTU swimming pool - was held. The construction, which lasted for two years, came to an end. On the opening day, the first competitions among students were organized.

SPE DL technical presentation will be held by guest Patrick Brand (USA)


On Monday, 24th January 2018, an SPE DL technical presentation will be held by our guest:

Patrick Brand (USA)

  • Founding partner of Blade Energy Partners
  • Executive VP Operations at Blade Energy Partners
  • Former drilling technology adviser at Mobil
  • Former chairman of the IADC Underbalanced Operations and MPD committee and the SPE Rewrite committee for Underbalanced Drilling
  • A registered professional engineer in Texas, USA

«Breaking down conventional barriers with managed pressure drilling»


International students of USTU visited the boarding school of Ukhta

On Friday, 8th December, a few of our  university's international students visited the local children's boarding school for an afternoon of laughter, knowledge and new friendships. 

Barents Plus

13.12.2017 to 08.03.2018

Barents Plus - Scholarship program for institutions of higher education in the Norwegian and Russian Barents.

About the program

The Barents Plus program promotes the development and strengthening of cooperation in the field of education and research between the Norwegian and Russian sides of the Barents Region. Through the mutual exchange of teachers and students, the program contributes to raising the level of knowledge about the culture and history of the participating countries and establishing personal contacts.


13.12.2017 to 10.02.2018

North2North Program – A student exchange program that gives students an opportunity to get first-hand experience of learning in a variety of partner universities of the University of the Arctic, located throughout the circumpolar North. The north2north program has a wide network of international universities participating in this program. Students participating in the exchange program can apply for a north2north scholarship, which usually covers the cost of training, accommodation and transport costs.